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Welcome to Our Improved Kienyeji Chicken Farming Manual
Did you know that you can save up to 65% on chicken feeding costs if you learn how to formulate your own chicken feeds? You could even formulate feed and resell to the market once you have mastered how to do it from our comprehensive manual on chicken feed formulation. This booklet gives you tips on poultry feeding and nutrition and more importantly how to make poultry feeds that is rich in nutrients aordably for the farmer seeking greater pro!ts and "uality chicken and chicken products.

The feed formulae provided here can be used to formulate feeds not just for Kienyeji chicken but also for the eotic layers and broilers. farmers who buy the booklet will also get a free phone consultation service as they formulate their feeds. Additional training can be provided at individual level or to farmer groups at a small cost.

The Poultry feed formulation Manual covers the following topics :-

  • Poultry nutrition general information: feed ingredients and additives
  • Energy and nutrients for your poultry
  • Protein feeding Requirements for your poultry
  • Vitamins for your poultry
  • Feeding programs for broilers
  • Feeding program for replacement pullets
  • Feeding Program for laying hens
  • Nutrient Requirements for your poultry
  • Chicken Feeds: Chick Mash
  • Chicken Feeds: Growers Mash
  • Chicken Feeds: Layers Mash
  • Feeding Regime for Different Ages of Chicken
  • Principles of Poultry Nutrition
  • Formulating a Tonne of layers mash
  • Formulating a Tonne of Growers mash
  • Formulating a Tonne of Chick Mash
  • Additional Poultry Formulation Notes
For orders of the Poultry Feed Formulation Manual,please call 0711417887 Or Email
The manual goes for Ksh.500.